Research Team

UVA Team. The coordinators in the UVA team are Prof. César de Prada and Prof. Gloria Gutiérrez. Prof. de Prada is a recognized researcher worldwide, and owns an extensive experience of more than 20 years in both teaching and research on the project topics. He has supervised several PhD students during last years: Dr. Pomar currently manages a Company in Uruguay; Dr. Mazaeda is Associate Professor in the UVA and participates in this proposal; Dr. Navia is currently Associate Professor in the Universidad Federico Santa Maria in Santiago de Chile; Dr. Gómez Palacín is with Aplein Ingenieros in Madrid in charge of the instrumentation and control department; Dr. Rueda is with Empresarios Agrupados (EA) working as simulation engineer; Dr. Salazar is with Siemens-Gamesa as control engineer; Dr. Noga is with IAV GmbH Ingenieurgesellschaft Auto und Verkehr working as control engineer; Dr. Gómez Sayalero is with the company Optimitive in charge of modelling and optimization. Prof. Gutiérrez is a lecturer in the programs of Chemical Engineering and Industrial Engineering with a teaching experience of more than 15 years. She has also co-supervised a PhD thesis and, during her academic career, she did several postdoctoral stays in worldwide-recognized research groups such as the group of Prof. Héctor Budman in the University of Waterloo, and the former group of Prof. Christodoulos A. Floudas in Princeton University. Jesus M. Zamarreño is also a member of the group that has directed another thesis and has a lot of experience in industrial computing and related fields.

IIM-CSIC Team. The coordinators involved in this proposal are Prof. Antonio A. Alonso and Dr. Luis Taboada Antelo. Prof. Alonso has been advisor in 9 finished PhD thesis, as well as several master dissertations. Several of their former students have followed the academic career and have worked as post-doctoral researchers in different institutions around Europe. This is the case of Dr. Vilas, also participant, who spent around 2 years at the Systems and Automatics Dept. at the University of Mons, working together with Prof. Vande Wouwer. In fact, they have recently co-authored a book. Dr. García stayed almost 5 years working at the Hamilton Institute together with Prof. Wellstead. Dr. Otero-Muras worked for more than three years at ETH-Zurich together with Prof. Stelling in projects related to cell signaling. Currently, they are with the the Process Engineering group of the IIM-CSIC in the context of different projects. Dr. Luís Taboada has been awarded with a RyC contract and he is currently researcher at CSIC. Estefanía López is currently at Birmingham University working together with Profs. Fryer and Bakalis.

UBU Team. The main researcher, Prof. Daniel Sarabia, has co-supervised two PhD thesis with outstanding qualifications. His former students directly jumped to the private company just after finishing their thesis. Currently, Dr. Martí is with GTD (System Engineering & Sofware) in charge of the Control Engineering department, and Dr. Rodríguez Blanco is with Compañía Española de Alta Eficiencia Fotovoltaica BSQ Solar in charge of business development.